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Spell Remix-EP

Here's 4 different visions of the same Spell-track, that was originally released in 2000 on the "I've been dreamin'..."-CD. 1. Fried Remix (R n’ B) from the ”SPELL Remix”-EP 2. Andy State Remix (club mix) from the ”SPELL Remix”-EP 3. Project JK 168 Main Remix (Trance) from the ”SPELL Remix”-EP 4. The original album version (Gipsy Kings) Latin style from the "SPELL Remix"-EP This Spell Remix-EP was released in 2002.

This EP is for sale at my Nimbit Music Store, but You can listen to these tracks on the music player on this website!

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Bianca Morales & The New F.F. Band

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Bianca Morales & The New F.F. Band on m/s Finlandia. Saturday Night´s Party Cruises in February, April, June, August and November in 2017.

Swinging Sunday Fun!

Bianca Morales & Zhenia Gimer on m/s Finlandia.
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When in Rome String Project

Collaboration with big bands and orchestras. Jonathan David Neal wrote fantastic string arrangements for the albums original jazz tunes. Four demos were recorded in Los Angeles. All arrangements are available. For more details, please contact us by email.


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